Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chemotherapy #8 & #9

It seems like since I stopped watching the kids I have more things to accomplish and less time to write.  I am starting to focus on myself and making sure I never get cancer again.  My weeks have been filled with lunch dates with friends I haven't seen in a while, play dates, exploring new business adventures, many trips to the grocery store, (I am learning new ways to eat healthy).  I also crave different foods on a weekly basis with fruits and vegetables being a constant craving.  I use to drink hot chocolate everyday and I have not craved this since I was diagnosed and started chemotherapy.  I am not at a 100% but instead of taking care of 5 kids I am taking care of myself and I am noticing a huge difference in my overall energy.  I can wake up at 7 a.m. and go all day without a nap.  When I was watching the kids I had to take a nap when they took a nap.

My right hand is getting better!  My fingers are still numb but they are bending and there is no more  pain.  My grip is getting tighter which is making easier to open milk jugs and twisting off lids.  I am praying my hand comes back soon!  I miss it so much.=)

Although I do not have hair...I do not mind.  It definitely saves me an hour a day of not having to brush, blow dry, curl or straighten.  Another bonus...I do not have to shave!  I use to shave my legs everyday and now I get to skip this step, it has not grown in months.  If bald was in I would keep it but I noticed I was a little jealous when Steve and I went to the Keith Urban concert.  There I was in my black short wig looking at all the girls who had long locks wishing for that one night I had my hair.  I have heard when my hair grows back, it could be a different color.  My only it does not come in grey! 

I feel like I am an old lady!  I get hot flashes all the time!  One minute I could have a sweatshirt on and the next I am tearing it off and putting on shorts and a t-shirt.  I have not had my period in months which is why I am getting hot flashes.  My body is going through an early menopause!  Once I stop chemotherapy and radiation is complete my body should go back to normal.  Why am I telling you this? Because this is the truth about cancer patients and undergoing chemotherapy changes everything in your body. 

Thursday, August 18 - Teresa Bednar and Deb Bothof drove me to chemotherapy.  As always my friend Lyndsey stopped out to say hello!  I did not get pics of Teresa and Lyndsey..=(  This was not on purpose I just forgot.  That is what happens when you get wrapped up in good conversations.

Deb and Me
Deb was so kind to take me to the movie "The Help"
last week.  It was a fantastic movie!  I highly recommend seeing it.

Thursday, August 25 - Jessica Monestero and Deb Bothof drove me to chemotherapy.

I forgot my camera for my chemo session.
Here is Jessica and her husband Paul the night
of Party for Pottebaum.  So great to see you!
Can you believe they had twins?  Jess looks fantastic!

Teresa, Deb and Jess are the ladies I met while working at InSearch.  Teresa is the wife of my former boss Bob.  We also had a lunch date for Ruth's birthday and got to catch up on their kids and life in general.

Jessica and I were co-workers at InSearch and she took over my desk when I decided to stop recruiting.  It was like old times in the "bull pin" giving each other advice on life and catching up on the happenings at InSearch.

I have the pleasure of seeing Deb once a week as she drops off fresh produce to my house.  Deb is always bringing me candy, cookies and food.  This her attempt to fatten me up!  I use to crave chocolate all the time but since starting chemotherapy I could live without it.  It is nice to try something sweet every once in a while.  Another bonus, Olivia would never go up to Deb only because she didn't know her that well.  Now when Deb comes Olivia greets her at the door and takes her back to her room to play.  =)

I am over the hump!  I only have 7 chemotherapy sessions left!  October 13th (my last chemotherapy session) will be here soon and I can't wait!

Thank you to my drivers, friends and family for your continued love and support.  Steve, Olivia and I could not get through this without you.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Party for Pottebaum - Thank you Part 2

If I could pick a song for my journey through cancer this would be it.
My Mom sent this to me last week and it literally made me shed tears and
by the end I had snot dripping from my nose. 
 I am sure this is TMI (too much information) but it's true!
If I made a video for this event this is the song I would choose because
you have all shown your love for me and my family.  Thank you!

"In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said "It is more to give than to receive."
Acts 20:35

Thank you for giving to our family in our time of weakness.  We plan to pay it forward when I am fully recovered by throwing a benefit for another cancer patient in the future.

Nicki Evans, Me, Angie Ross

Angie Ross and Julianne Spatz

I have known these three ladies since freshman year in highschool.  We were on cheerleading together freshman and sophomore year.  Julianne and I lived in the same dorm our freshman year in college and hung out quite a bit all through college and attended each other's weddings.  Angie went to Wayne State but I would visit another friend of mine Tricia Pugsley who lived with Angie at the time.  Tricia was there with her husband Dan but I didn't get a photo.  Nicki, Julianne, Angie and I spent a lot of time together in high school especially practicing for competitions and camps.  Love you ladies~!

Jeff and Kathi Scherzberg
Julianne introduced me to Kathi as they were in the same sorority Kappa Alpha Theta.  They called me an honorary member because I hung out with them so much I felt like I was part of the house.  I worked with Jeff at Main Street Cafe in Lincoln.  He was a bartender and I was one of the cocktail waitresses.  I introduced Kathi and Jeff one night while working and they tied the knot a few years later. They now have a beautiful little girl named Sabrina who is only one month older then my daughter Olivia.  =)
Angie, Kathi, Me, Diana, Julianne, Nicki and Karen
I met Diana and Karen both through Julianne.  Diana is her little sister and Karen was also in Kappa Alpha Theta with her.  Whenever we had competitions Diana was always there to support us.  I got to know Karen better the summer before my final year of college.  We had back to back economics classes crammed in to 3 weeks each.  We always would get lunch afterwards at Main Street and attempt to study.  We have stayed in touch since and I live vicariously through her and her roommate Dana.  So whenever I can go out (which is not much especially now-a-days) I always call to see where they will be.  When ever I meet them her brother Andrew usually joins us.

Karen and her brother Andrew

Sasha and Matt Speiker
It would not be a party without the Speikers!  Sasha also was part of the crew that would all go out in college.  Sasha and I have remained extremely close and talk at least two or three times a week.  I have known Matt longer then I have known Sasha.  I introduced the two many years ago and they now have three beautiful children Jack, Savanna and Sofia (My God daughter)

Marcy's Friend, Matt and Marcy

Marcy was a Theta as well and we had many good times in college.  She was so kind to come the party!  It has been years since I have seen her but she is the same old Marcy.

My sister Angie, Caci and Matt Liebentritt

Watching Angie's kids for the past 2 1/2 years I have gotten to know Caci, Matt and their four children, Barret, Chloe, Carson and Wyatt. Caci tripped on her stairs outside before she came to the party and was limping the whole time. They found out her foot was broke after taking her to the hospital! =(

Jeff and Kim Phillips
They are sporting the shirts they wore for the bike ride benefit in July and for RAGBRAI.  They were so kind to drive in from Remsen to show their support.  Thanks Weasel and Kim!

More to come!

Party For Pottebaum - THANK YOU! Part 1

Thank you to the following companies who helped make Party for Pottebaum a success!

Thank you Brad and Jacque Bailey

Thank you to Eric and Nikki Crouch

Thank you to Brendan and Crystal Crowley

Thank you to Brendan and Crystal Crowley

GP Industries

Thank you to Nicki and Neal McMahon
If you would like to order a t-shirt (pictured below)
call 402-933-5551

Thank you to all our friends and family who made this night possible!!
(If I forgot to mention someone please let me know so I can add you)

Emily Gardels, Brendan Crowley, Lauren Gardels, Jill Dolnicek, Jason & Chrissy Bailey, Rick & Judy Delperdang, Jane Paulsen, Sean & Carey Keenan, Shine Day Spa, Relax the Back, HM Studio, Salon Nail Experts, Curves, Lifetime Fitness, Tiburon Golf Club, Tara Hills Golf, LA Custom Designs, Lia Sophia, Braasch Dentistry, Haute Bauble, 14Karat, Linda Quist, Chocolate Peacock, Scentsy, Jose Fonseca, GCR Tire, Lyndsey & Jerid Foster, Curtis Foster, Jeremy & Kelly Robson, Tan Image, Lori Armiger, Tammy Braasch, Jeff Bailey,, Lisa McAvoy, Tom Hartlieb, Christy Bargstadt, Bungalow/8, Katie Harrower, Leah Buller, Troy & Andrea Saunders, Tara Ross, Barb Brady, Eileen's Colossal Cookies, Stacy Nelson, Mary Ann Grace, Al Recker, Alex & Angela Wolf, Chad & Leslie McMahon, Nicki McMahon, Katy & John Bode, Tom & Misti Wolf, Tom & Deanna Wolf, Bruce & Betty Bode, Jean Stearman, Joan Allen, Jen Fehringer, Lamars Donuts, Runza, Kelly's Little Signers, Baby Blue Sushi, Kona Grill , Amanda Fish Photography, Megan Miller Collection Nail Polish, Sugar Blossom Photography, LA Custom Designs Teri Adams, Christy Bargstadt, Wild Tree, Jane Stearman, A Tiskett A Taskett, Lisa Nimrick, Megan Gutsgell, Union Pizzeria, Vodoo Lounge and their staff.

Last but certainly not least...Erica McMahon, Jacque Bailey and Crystal Crowley for organizing the event.

Erica, Me and Jacque

Me, Crystal and Emily Gardels

 I wanted to shoot a video for this event but I didn't get any video!  I was so busy talking to everyone who showed up for the party.  If I had shot the video it could be the movie of my life.  Friends and family came from my entire journey here on earth.  Friends from my past, present and new friends I plan to nurture and cherish in the future. It was and will always be extremely touching and now as I reflect it brings tears to my eyes.  You all have touched my soul and shaped me in to the person I am today and I will never know how to repay you for your generosity and kindness.  I do plan on paying it forward when I am finished with treatments and I am healthy again.  I will help another cancer patient by organizing a benefit for them next year or two.

I know it has taken me a while to write this thank you but I want to make sure I include everyone who showed their support.  It may take me three or four posts to recap the entire night.  So if you don't see your name in this post it is being created and will be posted soon.=)

I will say that I did not get home until 2:30 AM!  I haven't stayed up that late in years!  I do apologize because I feel like I tried to speak to everyone but did not have a full conversation with anyone.  I wish I could have spoken to each and everyone of you longer and more in depth.  If I didn't get to you it was not on purpose...I was overwhelmed with the amount of friends and family who came to support us.  But I will try to include each of you over the next week or two with a story of how we met or how you have touched my soul.  All I do know is this has been such a humbling experience and I am so thankful that God put you in my life at this time.  You have helped me, Steve and Olivia in so many ways.  We can focus on my recovery and not have to worry about finances.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

The room was decorated in pink with flowers and candles.  Food from HuHot, Stokes, Union Pizzeria and dessert from Eileen's cookies lined an entire wall at the Vodoo Lounge.

I am starting at the beginning with the Kirchner's. Chuck came too but he was talking to someone when I took this picture. We lived in the same neighborhood with the Kirchner's starting from the time I was 3 years old until I was seventeen. Stephanie was my sister's age and our families spent a lot of time together, and took a few trips to the Lake of the Ozarks.  I also remember going to visit them in Colorado when they moved. I was taken back when I saw them for the first time.  It had been years since I have seen them...maybe 15 or 20.  WOW!  Thank you so much for coming it was great to see you! =)

Kathy Kirchner, my mom and Stephanie (Kirchner) Welsh

I did not get all the "Boat People's" picture but the Kirchners, Traynor's, Holm's, Sanford's, Bonella's, Nearman's and Anderson's would travel for ten days to the Ozarks once a year for about 10 years and go boating every Sunday at Fremont Lakes.  I have such fond memories of these people I will never forget the wonderful times we had together at Bass Point, always making a stop at the Ozark BBQ, Troy and Brenda doing all the girls hair and make up before going out, sneaking all of us kids in the "Adult Only" Club House, making human pyramids for photo opps, ski competitions, para sailing, blue banana rides and the famous knee boarding competition between Dave Bonella and Terry Traynor and the many milestones we reached while growing up together.

Thank you to the Holm's, Traynor's, Sanford's and Bonella's who made it out Saturday! 
Chuck, Mike and Ruth Holm
I also spent a lot of time with the Holm's and traveled
with them to University of South Dakota.  Mike went to college there
and they had a huge party and talent show.  Such a fun night!
Ruth and Chuck were also my host couple at my wedding.
Marie Bonella &Wayne

The Traynors!  ( I took this off of Terry's Facebook=)
Keep the Traynor's in your prayers.  They lost their wife/mother/
grandmother, Linda to cancer just a little over a year ago.
Dan and I went to high school and college together. 
He always looked out for me at the Lamda Chi House especially
my freshman year...just make sure I didn't get in to trouble =)
Thanks Dan!

Terry, Tracy & Brenda Sanford
(I took this from Tracy's facebook)
Brenda told me their son Troy got engaged!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chemo #7 / Update on my mom

Two Emily Jane's in the same room at the same time usually means trouble!  My friend Emily Westering was so kind to drive in from Kansas City, MO to take me to my chemotherapy treatment.  Our middle names ironically are both Jane (I think hers is spelled Jayne like her mother's first name=)).  I have known Emily my entire life.  Our parents have been friends for years and consider them as an extension of my family.  Emily and I bonded 10 years ago when our families, the Bode's and the Wolf's all went on a trip to CABO San Lucas.  We were joined at the hip after our first evening out together and created fun lasting memories I will never forget.  One of the best stories from that trip is when most of us went four wheeling and I decided to get a fake tattoo.  I wanted to scare the crap out of my mother as a practical joke. My dad paid for me to  get a wrap around (fake) tattoo on my arm.  Everyone was in on the joke (with the exception my mom).  The story was Emily and I went out with Tommy, Alex, John, Billy and Matt and they talked me in to getting a tattoo.

When we got back from four wheeling and to the pool where my mom was laying out I wore a t-shirt to cover the tattoo.  When she caught wind of story she pulled me aside and oooooh was she mad!  I was kicked out of my sister's wedding that was happening in a few months and was pretty much disowned.  She went up to the hotel room fuming and my dad went up to see how she was doing.  My dad broke the news to her that it was fake because she wanted to fly back home.  Long story short my mom did not fly home and we enjoyed the rest of the trip.  Since then Emily and I have stayed in touch and I always look forward to seeing and catching up with her.  Thank you so much Emily for coming this weekend for the benefit and to taking me to chemo!  Love you!

Emily and Me
My friend Lyndsey who has stopped by for almost all of my chemo sessions gave me an awesome gift!

"Yes They're Fake.  The Real Ones Tried to Kill Me!"

Thanks Lynz!  Love You!

Please keep Lyndsey and her family in your prayers.  She is flying to Arizona this weekend to get her grandfather who has Alzheimer's and moving him back to Omaha.

I didn't get a picture but Deb Bothof stopped by to drop off vegetables and an adorable make up bag.  Thank you Deb!  I love it! =)  Ironically I have been experimenting with make up this week.  I am losing my eye brows and eye lashes so if you haven't noticed I have a lot more make up on these days.

I am using Anastasia's brow ex-press  to "paint" on my brows and switched my makeup to Bare Minerals.  Bare Minerals is an all natural make up and is really good for your skin.  Chemo has made my skin ultra sensitive and so far this make up has worked for me.  You don't have to order Bare Minerals online any more there is a store at Westroads called Bare Escentuals that sells all the Bare Minerals makeup.  Sonja a makeup artist help me find the best shades and eye makeup for me.

A special thank you to:

Sara McGee for the Angel charm to go on my bracelet.  I will wear it to the benefit on Saturday.

Denise and Roger Friesen for the very nice note and healthy drinks!  I haven't tried them yet.  I have to wait until the chemo side effects wear off.  If I try them to soon I won't want to drink them. =) 

Chrissy and Jason Bailey for the generous donation.  Chrissy and I have known each other since 2nd grade and were super close growing up all the way through high school.  We were also on dance team together junior and senior year.  I met her husband Jason in junior high and back then Jason was known as "PACO".  I am not sure how he got that name but I still remember the night Chrissy and Jason met in the garage of our friend Heather's house.  They started dating, went to college together and soon after were married.  We haven't seen each other in a while but it is always good to hear from old friends that knew me "back in the day!" =)  Love you guys!

Jason and Chrissy

Carey and Sean Keenan for the generous donation.  I started hanging out with Carey the summer before 8th grade and we spent a lot of time together in high school.  We experienced all our growing pains together and we got each other through it.  Carey has a daughter named Olivia too!  So good to hear from you Carey!  Thank you!

The Keenan's

Jill Dolnicek for your generous donation!  Jill was known to me as GILL!  We were silly back in high school and if we had a nick name that was funny we would use it.  Jill was a year younger then me but we became close the summer before my senior year.  We were on dance team together and when she started her freshmen year in Lincoln we were roommates.  We still see each other when I travel to Chicago once a year.  Love you Jill---see you next year when I am recovered, healthy and in CHICAGO! =)

Me and Jill (August 2010)
My mom's surgery is scheduled for September 7.  She will have a double mastectomy and reconstruction.  Her recovery will be up to six weeks and several months for the reconstruction.  Please pray she will not need chemotherapy or radiation.

Love you Momma!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Party for Pottebaum - Sneak Peek

All these items will be up for raffle. The raffle tickets are going to cost $5 each (certain items valued over $250 will require 2 raffle tickets), so bring $5's and $10's the night of the event! You won't need to be present to win, we will have you put your name, phone #, and email address on the tickets.  Winners will be chosen starting at 10 PM.

The Party Starts this Saturday, August 13, 2011 @ 7 PM
Vodoo Lounge, 304 N. 168th, Omaha, NE 

Thank you again to Erica McMahon, Jacque Bailey, Crystal Crowley
for organizing the event and all the generous donors!

Duke Basketball signed by Coach K
Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Donated by Jose Fonseca

Duke Basketball signed by players
#1 Kyrie Irving (#1 Overall NBA Draft)
#2 Nolan Smith (21st pick in NBA Portland Trailblazers)
#3 Tyler Thorton
#5 Mason Plumlee
#12 Kyle Singler (33rd pick NBA Draft Detroit Pistons)
#15 Josh Hairston
#20 Andre Dawkins
#21 Miles Plumlee
#30 Seth Curry
#34 Ryan Kelly
#52 Todd Zafirovski
#53 Casey Peters

Donated by Jose Fonseca

Thank you Jose, Duke Basketball Players and Coach K!

For Cars or Light Trucks
3 Tire Rotations and Wheel Balance
2 - Oil Lube Filter
(up to 5 QT 5W30 or 10W30 Oil)
2 - Alignments
(these will be grouped differently at the raffle)
Thank you to Jerid, Lyndsey and Curtis Foster for your donation! 

4975 S. 155th Street
Omaha, NE 68137
One Free Air Brush Bronzing
Valued at $28
Thank you to Kelly Robson
Julie and Tom Murren (Owners)
For your Donation

16939 Wright Plaza, Suite 119
Omaha, Nebraska 68130
Spray Tans

Two HUSKER TICKETS with Husker Blanket
Saturday, September 3, 2011
Memorial Stadium - Lincoln, NE
Thank you Jeremy and Kelly Robson for your donation!
Thank you Pam Pottebaum for making the blanket!

Addidas Men's Nebraska Sets with Back Pack and Sinch Sacks
Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL Sizes
Donated by Chris McQuillan

Nebraska Golf Bag
Donated by: Chris McQuillan

Nebraska Duffle Bag
Donated by Chris McQuillan

2 Footballs and 1 Nebraska Helmet
Signed by Tom Osborne and Bo Pelini
Donated by Chris McQuillan

Bottle of Bo Pelini Foundation Wine
Autographed by Bo Pelini
Donated by Tammy Braasch

November 9, 2011
NU vs. Wisconsin
Donated by Tom & Deanna Wolf
Tom & Misti Wolf
Katy & John Bode
Alex and Angela Wolf

4 Box Seats
September 9, 2011
4 Tickets to the Jim Beam Club

4 - 1/2 Price Foursomes with Titlest Golf Balls
1410 Western Hills Drive
Papillion, NE 68046-7037
(402) 592-7550
Donated by Kelly Robson

Foursome plus Nike Golf Balls
10302 S 168th Street
Donated by Chad and Leslie McMahon

17202 Audrey Street #100
(173rd & Harrison)
Donated by Kelly Robson

LA Custom Designs by Lori Armiger
More of Lori's Work Click Here

Donated and Painted by Jeff Bailey

Robots Authentic Print
Valued at $130
Donated by Lisa McAvoy

Omaha Steaks Gift Card
Donated by Tom Hartlieb

Big City Coffee - Gift Set
Donated by Jacque Bailey

Contour Side Pillow
Donated by Teri Emerton Adams
1111 N. 102nd Court Suite 214
Omaha, NE 68114
2 Teeth Whitening Sessions

Earrings from the Chocolate Peacock

Bracelet with Earrings from Haute Bauble
Donated by Leah Buller and Emily Wilson

Men's Black Diesel Watch
Retail $85
Donated by Emily Gardels

Large Juicy Couture Handbag
Retail $228
Donated by Emily Gardels

Large Juicy Couture Handbag
Retail $228
Donated by Emily Gardels

Handmade Raggedy Ann Doll
by Marie Behrinig

Women's Northface Jacket
Retail $299
Donated by Emily Gardels

George Simonton Studio Coat
Donated by: Emily Gardels

DKNY Down Coat
Donated by: Emily Gardels

Donated by Lauren Gardels

Maui Jim's Sunglasses with Scheels Hat
Retail $159
Donated by Lauren Gardels

Oakley Sunglasses with Scheels Hat
Retail $170
Donated by Lauren Gardels

Retail $480
Necklace donated by 14 Karat
Linda Quist
16950 Wright Plaza, Ste. 127
Omaha, NE 68130

Baby Girl Quilt and Pillow
Made by Christy Bargstadt

Baby Boy Quilt and Pillow
Made by Christy Bargstadt

Kelly's Little Signers
Baby Sign Language Program
Donated by Kelly Robson

Cut and Color by Katie Harrower
1120 S. 105th Street
Omaha, NE

60 Minute Massage
Shampoo and Spray by Bumble and Bumble
Donated by Leah Buller

Pedestal Beverage Jar with Chalk Board
and Pomegranate Mix
Donated by Lisa McAvoy

Wrist Rocket Sling Shots
Donated by Troy and Andrea Saunders

2 Free Sitting Fees
Donated by Jennifer Giorgis

Free Sitting Fee with 11x14 Photo

Warmer and Scents
Donated by Tara Ross
Food Basket
Donated by Barb Brady

Gift Card
Donated by Andrew Holt (Owner)


Wine Baskets
Includes a bottle of wine with a gift card to a restaurant
Donated by Crystal Crowley

Bo Pelini Football
Donated by Stacy Nelson

Hand Made Crosses by Mary Anne Grace

Painting by Mary Anne Grace

Vince Camuto Leather and Suede Handbag
Donated by Emily Gardels

Birthday Door Hanger
Donated by Betty Bode

Husker Door Hanger
Donated by Jane Stearman

Bracelets from 14 Karat
Donated by Linda Quist

Baby Tub by A Tiskett a Taskett
Donated by Joan Allen and Jen Fehringer

Lia Sophia Necklace and Bracelet
Donated by Lyndsey Nimrick

Beautiful Perfume, Pink Bracelet and Megan Miller Nail Polish

Thierry Mugler Perfume, Megan Miller Nail Polish and Bracelets

Chanel No. 5 Perfume, Megan Miller Nail Polish and Bracelets

Ralph Lauren Perfume, Megan Miller Nail Polish
and Purple Bracelets

Tommy Girl Perfume and Megan Miller Perfume

Clinique Happy Perfume and Nail Experts Gift Card

Thank you to Emily Gardels for donating all the perfume
and Megan Gutsgell for the Megan Miller Nail Polish

I am looking forward to Saturday and can't wait to see you!  I will have my video camera with me so be camera ready! =)